All’s Fayre: My first big wedding fayre

Today MWF and I went to a wedding fayre. We’ve been to one before but that was rather small, while today’s at the Millennium Centre was considerably bigger.


For those who haven’t been to one, a wedding fayre is basically a big exhibition where different vendors show their wares. You walk around, discussing stuff, looking at what they have, taking cards and planning for your big day.

MWF and I went with three of her bridesmaids and my little sister, and it was rather nice. MWF was happy to get to plan and got lots of enthusiastic support from the other ladies.

I struggled at first because it was incredibly crowded, and having been at work before I had little patience for all the shuffling. It’s also frustrating for a groom-to-be because most of the stuff is geared at bride’s and most vendors focused on MWF leaving me standing around like a spare part.

I wasn’t alone in this as several grooms seemed to be moping about, trying to appear interested with varying degrees of success. Personally, I like the wedding stuff but the repetition was getting to me.

Luckily my mood improved as the crowd thinned and I got to sit down to watch a bridal fashion show. Here MWF and I appeared to be on the same page regarding most of the dresses, and I got to relax.

The one downside was that one vendor joked that I’d been enjoying checking out the models which was a bit of a d*ck move and could have landed me in hot water if MWF had risen to it or taken it the wrong way. Luckily MWF knows me well enough to know that skinny models aren’t my thing and I prefer a more voluptuous woman. Jerk.

Also it was good to sort out some of “my” wedding stuff- where I’m going to get my suit and ring. Free cake samples helped too (the weight loss stuff starts after MWF’s birthday this week).

But the best thing was seeing MWF enjoy herself. We can now say “we’re getting married next year” which makes it seem so much more real and closer. MWF has been enthusiastic about the wedding, which is natural and good, as I’d be worried if she didn’t give a crap.

Unfortunately not everyone has shared this feeling and some have been rather insensitive and impatient with her discussing the wedding, telling her that she has plenty of time and to stop doing so. This response from supposed friends has been rough as you’d hope that these people would be happy for you and understand your enthusiasm, especially as MWF doesn’t bang on about it all the time and hasn’t turned into a bridezilla.


So, it was good to see her get excited and receive a positive, helpful response from those around her. Her friends matched her enthusiasm and offered tips and help, and also supported her throughout.

It’s far from my natural habitat, but if it helps sort out our wedding and makes MWF happy, I’m fine with going to more fayres. Happy wife-to-be, happy life.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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