Flash Friday: Power Has Limits

A different world.Magically transformed.The naked branches had new beauty, the gulls turning ahead became majestic, even the wind, cold and biting changed. Bracing, cleansing.His lips could still feel hers. His heart sang.His feet walking with a joyful strut, seemed to hardly touch the floor.Love.Love was the magic. It made a dull grey striking. It made … Continue reading Flash Friday: Power Has Limits

12, sorry 10, Films of Christmas Part 2

More festive flicks for my 365 Film Challenge. Film #126: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale A drilling team in Finland discover a burial mound and inadvertently unleash Joulupukki, a creature that inspired the modern version of Santa. Unfortunately this creature isn't the jolly present giving type, more the stealing children and punishing them. It's an … Continue reading 12, sorry 10, Films of Christmas Part 2