Fish Food: Getting a fish pedicure

Last week MWF took my little sister to get their nails done at a place in Barry called The Nibblers. I went along with them, and out of curiosity had a fish pedicure.

This spa treatment exploded a few years back, and places offering it popped up all over the place. You know it got big because I’ve heard of it and I don’t exactly keep up with the latest beauty/spa trends.

It kinda intrigued me, it seemed like a weird idea and I wondered why it had got so big. I was also curious about the whole thing, and how it would feel.

So, while my sister got her nails painted I sat down and got ready to lower my feet into the water.

My subconscious decided to mess with me at this point by reminding me of the movie Piranha and an image of having my feet devoured by fishy fiends flashed up.


Pushing this away I dunked my feet in and the tiny fish swarmed over my feet.

At first it was an almost unpleasant experience, especially as I hate having my feet tickled. Seeing the fish mob my little piggies was a bit weird too.

They kinda suck/nibble on you and it feels scratchy and tickly at first. But once you get used to it, I have to say it’s a quite relaxing feeling. It helped that Nibblers was pretty laid back, and the staff were lovely and friendly.

All this meant I was one chilled out guy by the end.


It was quite pleasant, and quite interesting watching the fish nibbling away, meaning that I was little disappointed to have to pull my feet out at the end.

I relaxed, the fish got a meal, everyone’s a winner!

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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