First thoughts on Jigsaw pictures

I’ve not long finished watching the Netflix series The Punisher, which sees Jon Bernthal take up the role of Frank Castle, the one man army waging a quest for bloody justice. As a massive fan of the comic book character, particular Garth Ennis’ fantastic work, I kinda enjoyed the show although I was glad that they wrapped up the conspiracy theory angle. I’d quite like it if future seasons stuck more to the basics, Castle’s war against organised crime.

One character who is returning to the season is Frank’s former friend and now enemy, Billy “the Beaut” Russo (Ben Barnes), last scene heavily bandaged in hospital after Frank introduced his face to some cut glass. Earlier this week the first on set images of Barnes appeared and the reaction I’ve seen has been largely negative.

It is true that the TV version is distinctly less horrific than the version of the character who adopts the name Jigsaw due to his patchwork face of scars. But for me this is a good thing. Why? Well, let me explain.


Barnes as Russo/Jigsaw

First of all, while it may have been entertaining to see a horrifically mutilated Jigsaw akin to something from a horror movie, it wouldn’t be fitting with the world the Netflix shows have built, which is far more restrained than the source material. To have Barnes walk around like Leatherface wouldn’t fit with the rest of the look of the show.

My second argument for the reduced scarring is that it could actually work well into the character’s story, motivation and presence in the second series. A fully deformed Russo would be almost sympathetic and his psychopathic tendencies easier to dismiss. But the less scarred version? That’s a lot more interesting.

While the scars are noticeable and the kind of thing you wouldn’t want to have done to you, they’re not actually that bad. But here is where the writers’ can play up Russo’s vanity and warped perception. He can see himself as an utterly hideous freak, describing the wounds in extreme terms or even seeing something different when he looks in the mirror. It can become an obsession for him, a mania that he can’t escape from, regardless of the reassurance of others or the actual physical reality.

Billy was a rich man in season one, and while many of his assets will no doubt have been seized by the authorities, it makes sense that he’d have some stashed away. We could have the story follow that he’s burned through these resources with surgeries to tidy his wounds, but wants more done.

This could lead him to sell his military skills as an enforcer/hitman to organized crime, leading him to cross paths with Frank once more.

Similarly, they could highlight the depths of his obsession by showing his changed circumstances. We saw Billy as a man with expensive tests but he could now be shown a broken man in more than ways than one. Living in a mirror of Frank’s stripped down bases, he has only the essentials and a plethora of skin creams and ointments which he applies with obsessive dedication. Rebuilding his shattered face is his major obsession, rivalled only by his desire for revenge on the man who inflicted it on him.

At least, that’s how I would write it.

So, I don’t see the minimal scarring as a cop out, but rather as a sign that the show is avoiding grotesquery and going for something a little more subtle and psychological.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


Pic Post: Star Wars Special

Because of today’s date, today’s blog is Star Wars themed.

sw may

Stormtrooper Stress 1

sw stormtrooper stress

Yoda’s schooldays

sw yodacartoon

Stormtrooper Stress 2

sw stormtrooper stress 02

Pie Chart

sw yodagraph

Hot Picture of the Week

I know you were expecting slavegirl Leia, but I saw this picture of Carrie Fisher years ago and thought she looked foxy as hell. Leia may be one of my favourite female sci-fi characters ever.


Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

Pic Post: Superheroes, Signs and Tipos

Awesome gym sign


This is just awesome


Text speak in real life


A few years back when I was spending far too much time talking to people on MSN I once used LOL out loud (would that be LOLOL then?) it was a low point.

Best tattoo parlour name I’ve seen


The secret communications of super villains


Accident, or does one of the production crew have a grudge?



Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

Pic Post: A mix of funny and weird this week

Geeky, but funny


Tough parenting


When you see it, you’ll laugh

If this is fake, please don't tell me.

If this is fake, please don’t tell me.

Awesome kid joke


There are no words

I just…er….what?


Hot picture of the week

I kind of thought she was cute in Buffy but Michelle Trachtenberg has turned into a stone cold fox.


Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

Pic Post: Geeky Fashions, Greats Meet and Grumpy Grans

Holy facial hair, Batman!

This is just ace.


One of the advantages of getting old

I’ve noticed that one of the things old people have over their younger counterparts is that they seem to have lost all their cares and don’t really give a damn about anything like embarrassment, it’s both inspiring and kind of annoying, but this illustration of this phenomena really made me laugh:


When Awesomeness Collides!

I’ve previously used these picture posts to show greats meeting, and I was kinda stoked to find a Tumblr page devoted to this kind of picture, so here are a couple of my faves from the page:

Florence Welch and Diane Keaton seeming to have a good old natter

Florence Welch and Diane Keaton seeming to have a good old natter

The Golden Age of Hollywood- Bacall, Bogart and Monroe, with Bogie blatantly checking out Marilyn

The Golden Age of Hollywood- Bacall, Bogart and Monroe, with Bogie blatantly checking out Marilyn

The President, The Boss and The Rapper

The President, The Boss and The Rapper

Awesome dress

So, this Doctor Who fan made herself this bitching TARDIS dress:


It’s gotten quite a lot of exposure online, which is how I stumbled across it and most people seem to appreciate the awesomeness of the dress and praise the lady in question, but sadly there are always a few idiots out there and I was annoyed to see a few negative people slagging her off. Well, personally I think it’s super cool and it’s a funny, smart dress that shows real with and quirkiness, and I think she’s cute too.

Creepiest Snow Sculpture Ever!



Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

Dear Barry, can you fix it for me…

Okay, yes, the Jim’ll Fix It reference is a tad dark under the present circumstances, but it’s what the US government’s We the People website reminded me of.

The website was set up to allow people to voice their opinions and campaign for the federal government to change things. If a petition reaches 25,000 online signatures it will be looked into and receive a response from the White House. It’s quite a nice idea and part of a growing trend of trying to make it easier for your average Joe or Josephine to try and get their issues brought to the attention of those in charge.

Of course, it’s also online, which means there are bound to be some stupid ones as well, to show this mix, here’s a quick selection from the website (along with their current number of signatures):

  • Declaring a grief awareness day (176)
  • End daylight savings (1,162)
  • Help get Idaho Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini home. Saeed has been detained by the Iranian government for his beliefs (749)
  • Develop stamps to “depict, normalize and promote” breastfeeding (800)
  • Return to a gold standard (1,234)
  • Make Amazon add a “Made in America” tab to make it easier for people to buy American (1,963)
  • Have NASA look into making an Enterprise style ship (5,881)
  • Make a TV show about VP Joe Biden (2,124)

The reason I’m writing about them today is that petitions made on the site have been in the news recently. I’m going to look at 3 different petitions.

Let’s kick start with the secession petitions.

These started after the last presidential election when Obama returned to the White House, a bunch of sore losers in various states decided that they couldn’t live under Obama and wanted their states to pull out of the Union. Seriously, it has to be one of the least classy responses to losing in years, didn’t they ever get taught how to lose with a bit of grace and decorum?

Bobby Moore embraces Pele- that's class after losing.

Bobby Moore embraces Pele- that’s class after losing.

It was a daft idea, but apparently they got quite a response, including 125,000 Texans who wanted the Lone Star state to go solo.

Other states included Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, the Carolinas and Louisiana. Hmm, odd that they’re predominantly Southern states. Weird, it’s like the US is made up of 2 different countries, maybe they should split that way? Have they tried that before?

Needless to say the White House responded that they appreciated that democracy can be “noisy and controversial” and that while they welcomed healthy debate they couldn’t let that tear them apart. Which is a nice, diplomatic way of saying “No way”.

It’s also an example of why I couldn’t be a politician as I don’t think I’d have the diplomacy or patience to respond in a mature way, my press conference would probably go something like this:

“Listen up, you primitive screwheads! I know you didn’t get the result you wanted but stop acting like a bunch of crybabies and playing the whole ‘fine, we’re not playing with you anymore’ bit. Show some basic decorum, you lost, suck it up and deal with it!”

That or I’d have declared Alabama (I’m just picking that as an example, any of the rebel states would work) an independent state and then attacked it because of all the guns the civillians have, taking it over and renaming it after myself.

The second petition that came to my attention was that some Yanks wanted to deport Piers Morgan. This would be bad news indeed for us Brits who are rather enjoying having Morgan on another continent for a while and thus distancing us from his particular brand of pompous, slimy douchebaggery.

Piers Morgan one of the most slappable people in existence

Piers Morgan one of the most slappable people in existence

Morgan has been talking gun control, a hot topic in the States, which meant that several gun activists decided that they might get rid of him and send him back to us. At which point Britain shuddered and for once regretted not having guns so readily available.

The White House dealt with it in quite a clever, classy move by asking the pro-gunners to remember the 1st Amendment of the constitution, the same document that they point to in order to justify the fact they can tool up like Nicholas Angel whenever they hear a noise downstairs. You can’t treat the 2nd Amendment as some kind of inarguable right without respecting and defending what else the constitution defends.


Morgan then got one of the petition supporters, broadcaster Alex Jones into the studio for an interview which is remarkable for two things- it manages to make Morgan seem likable and despite being pro-gun Jones makes a convincing case for why they might need more controls on firearms. Seriously, track down the video because Jones goes from normal to frothing at the mouth, utterly bats**t conspiracy theory ranting madman in record time.

This isn’t news as he’s previously been notorious for a frankly scary meltdown while discussing Justin Bieber, which you can see below. Seriously, I’m actually a little bit concerned for the guy. I’m all for cathartic releases and venting through the medium of rants, but this guy’s a little too intense.

The dude just comes across as this utter headcase. I wouldn’t trust him with scissors let alone a gun.

The third and final petition was the most light hearted with the White House stating that they will not be making a Death Star.


The best thing was the response, where a statement listed the reasons why the current administration won’t be going into the planet destroying space station business, and the reasons from the Science and Space Branch of the Office of Management and Budget are rather awesome:

  1. The construction of the Death Star has been estimated to cost more than $850,000,000,000,000,000. We’re working hard to reduce the deficit, not expand it.
  2. The Administration does not support blowing up planets.
    And best of all:
  3. Why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship?

So well done to Uncle Sam for showing a bit of a sense of humour and responding for our basic human need to use all technological advancement and new ideas for the trivial and geeky. Outstanding work all round on that one.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

Pic Post: Groomsmen, Great Dad Skills and Geekery

Best Mayan apocalypse reaction


I hope this is fake

Or else I honestly despair for the future.

Come on, that's the quote you want to go with?

Come on, that’s the quote you want to go with?

Awesome parenting

A great example for future parents:


Coolest groom’s party ever


IT boys prove their geekiness


Hot picture of the week

Lady Gaga looking especially divine at a pre-Christmas show.


Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

Gerry Anderson

As a film geek there are names in the credits of films that I look out for, that I know can usually be trusted to deliver stuff that I’m going to enjoy (Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Edgar Wright, Steven Spielberg, Kevin Smith, John Ford, Martin Scorsese, John Carpenter)  but when I was a kid I didn’t know about any of this, in fact there were only a handful of actors I recognized (chiefly John Wayne, and the Bonds). But there was one name in the credits that I took notice of and I knew that he was almost guaranteed to deliver some quality entertainment.

Gerry Anderson.

Gerry Anderson in 2000

Gerry Anderson was the creative genius behind a string of awesome TV shows. Several of which were made using the puppetry technique which was given the rather hyperbolic name of “supermarionation”.

These shows from the 1960s experienced something of comeback when I was a nipper and I fell in love with the shows, I’d spend hours watching the dashing Troy Tempest exploring the deep sea aboard Stingray or Captain Scarlet fighting the creepy Mysterons.

Stingray! Stingray!

Stingray! Stingray!

But by quite a margin my favourite was Thunderbirds. Thunderbirds blew my mind.


Every week the Tracy brothers would use their awesome high-tech ships to save people in disasters, often caused by their sneaky nemesis The Hood. It was a brilliant show, and had it all in terms of child friendly entertainment- danger, cool machines and vehicles, explosions and in Lady Penelope a weirdly attractive aristocratic puppet.

The characters may have been simple, but it was still an awesome show and still entertaining. It’s also a testament to Anderson’s skills that a show which captured the imagination of kids in the 1960s (Scott Tracy was my Mum’s first crush) and still worked 30 years later on kids who had greater choice, yet even with more channels the cream rose to the top and it became just as successful as the first time around. Two different generations and both were captivated by his work.

One birthday pretty much all my gifts were Thunderbirds toys- action figures, their ships, all that jazz, and it was a really great birthday.

Blue Peter presenter Anthea Turner cemented herself in my affection by building a replica of Tracy Island on the show, and the Beeb got bombarded with requests for the factsheets to make it (yes, this was pre-net so you had to get instructions mailed to you) but I never had to make it because my Nan, the legend, got me one of the proper ones and it was amazing.

Later on I’d discover that his reputation as “the puppet guy” irked Anderson a little, and he did do some live action work including Space 1999, which as a full blown teenage sci-fi geek I’d really get into when they ran repeats on TV.

But he will mainly be remembered for those puppet shows, and I think that’s a hell of a legacy for somebody to have, bringing that kind of enjoyment and joy to that many people.

So, when I heard Gerry Anderson had passed away earlier this week I was saddened by the news, as this was a dude who contributed a lot to my childhood and who was an extremely talented and creative guy.

Anderson got me into science fiction and his shows have really stuck with me. To this day if someone tells me there’s only 30 minutes left of something I feel the urge to respond with “Anything can happen in the next half hour!” from Stingray and part of me still wants my own Thunderbird 2.


Also, the theme tune to Thunderbirds is one of the most inspiring themes ever recorded, to the extent that if I ever undertake anything really difficult I’m going to have it playing in my head.

So, if there is an afterlife I just want to thank the dude. Cheers, Gerry, you rocked!

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

Pic Post: Cutbacks, Cuteness and Cells

Evolution is a mystery

So a while back I included a picture of the evolution of man finishing with Darth Vader on the end, here are two more geeky riffs on the classic image.

I’d give this kid the mark

Funny ‘cos it’s true

Demetri Martin, a comedian I really dig, getting it right.

Kids are amazing

This story is just so sweet.

Seriously, did they learn nothing from The Towering Inferno– never cut corners on safety equipment

Hot Picture of the Week

This week its the gorgeous Dita Von Teese.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

Tattoo Ideas

Seriously suffering with blogger’s block at the moment so here’s just a selection of ideas I’m considering for my fourth tattoo.

X-Men logo

A little bit geeky, but I love the X-Men and the logo is simple and quite cool, also . I’d go for the red and black one.


Eastern philosophy meaning “do no harm”.

Anti-possession Tattoo

Even geekier than the X-Men thing, this is the symbol the Winchester brothers have in Supernatural to stop them getting demonically possessed. It looks pretty badass.

The Babe Wore Red

From Frank Miller’s Sin City books, not sure it could be as visually striking as on the page/screen but might still look quite badass.

Pin-up Devil

Something like this one of Bettie Page:

But a more curvy, fuller figured lady Satan in my case, like an April Flores type:

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.