Resolutions 2019

I did okay on my resolutions for 2018. I completed three out of eight, and the others are kind of ongoing things which are hard to measure. I've decided to try and make it a nice round 10 this year, so here we go. 1. Lose Weight I managed this in 2018, but it was … Continue reading Resolutions 2019

The Tattoo I Don’t Regret Not Getting

It's been a long time since I got my first tattoo. I remember it clearly, being nervous as I took my seat, hoping that I wouldn't be such a wimp that I'd cry or have to stop. I hadn't made it easy for myself by choosing a big piece to pop my ink cherry. Thankfully, … Continue reading The Tattoo I Don’t Regret Not Getting

No regrets

Last week I wrote about my thoughts on the Scottish independence referendum, and my hope that they would stay in the UK. It turned out they did with the "No" camp winning by around 10%. This left Scotland in an odd position, with the country having to move on and get along together after openly showing … Continue reading No regrets