So far my resolutions for this year are not going too well. A few I'm not that worried about as it's early days, but number one on the list,  to lose weight and keep going with the healthy living stuff, has not gone so well. Since Christmas my jogging has really fallen away, and while … Continue reading Rerun


Today marks exactly one year since I started jogging. It was after a fortnight of extreme gluttony that I finally pulled on my trainers, listened to the first Couch to 5k and went for the first run. It turned out to be the best way of doing it, with the podcasts slowly easing me into … Continue reading Ranniversary


So, I realize I've made fitness manifestos before, and fallen short, but after a poor showing in the last couple of months I'm eager to get back into my groove. I've rediscovered my love of running and over the last fortnight or so I've managed to stick to running roughly every other day. I'm not … Continue reading Jocktober