Random Song: Is She Really Going Out With Him? by Joe Jackson

One of the many ways that I waste my time online is playing games on the website Sporcle. The site is jam-packed with quizzes on various topics, and for a lover of trivia like myself its a wonderful way to waste time.

Anyway, today I did a quiz where you had name the songs that selected lyrics were from (I got 14/19, see if you can beat my score here) anyway, one of the answers was this song, which I freaking love.

Its an almost criminally catchy song, and as a result of thinking about it earlier I’ve had it stuck in my head for a few hours.

In the song Joe Jackson can’t believe all these gorgeous women who are dating dickheads, which is something everyone who’s experienced unrequited love can sympathise with.

Jackson’s vocal delivery is quite simple, but manages to convey his annoyance, the lyrics have a kind of everyday, conversational tone at times which I think really works and its driven by this cool bass riff. And the chorus is fantastic, one of those ones you have to fight not to join in with.

I’ve known this song for years, and I think from the first listen I’ve loved it.

Also, it reminds me of one of the finest disses I’ve ever witnessed, which was at my expense but I still had to applaud. At uni I got this stuck in my head and was singing it in the kitchen when a friend of mine, Holly, weighed in with “Is that what people sing to Maryanne (my girlfriend at the time)”

It made me laugh out loud, and despite being the target I had to admire it.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO

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