London Part 4: Harry Potter Tour

After tea at Cafe Nero we headed to see my friend Dan and meet his boyfriend Adam. They’ve been together for years but I’ve never met Adam before,so it was kind of exciting and thankfully we all seemed to get along and had a great evening chatting and chilling.

MWF and I headed back to the hotel to crash and slept in before heading to Euston Station where we were meeting up with Dan in order to head for Watford where we were going to the Harry Potter tour.

This was one of my birthday presents to MWF this year as she’s been wanting to go for ages, getting increasingly annoyed as various friends have shared their visits on Facebook. Finally she was getting to go and she was as giddy as a child on Christmas Day.

We joined a tour and wandered around amongst a large crowd of Potterheads. It’s basically a behind the scenes look at the Harry Potter movies which was kinda cool, getting to see the costumes, sets and props used.


The problem is that while I enjoyed the books and have seen the movies, I wasn’t a big enough of a fan for it to really enthrall me. That and the fact I was desperate for a coffee halfway through.

MWF however was loving it, and getting me to pose for photos and snapping away. She wasn’t alone in this as you had to watch out or you’d inadvertently photobomb someone’s snaps.


Halfway through we got to the cafe where I grabbed a latte and bought a Butterbeer for MWF.

Butterbeer is a big deal at the tour, the website actually lets you book a drink in advance, which I think pubs should start doing. It’s based on a drink in the books, but the muggle version is slightly disappointing. It looks great, at first but as the head mixes becomes a murky colour.


As for the taste, well it’s very sweet and kinda like a mix of Cream Soda and Irn Bru. Not as bad as I feared but still not great.

The rest of the tour was alright, the creature workshop was cool but production art was a tad dull. Luckily they finish strong with a large model of Hogwarts which is pretty cool.


Then came the shop. I wanted to grab some gifts for family and a memento for myself but it was pricey as all hell. I get it’s a money making venture but it got a bit ridiculous, as even basics like a couple of small Hufflepuff notebooks was over a tenner. Also, they don’t sell Luna’s lion head which feels like a missed opportunity as they sold almost everything else.


In the end I settled for a prefect’s badge (the only way I will ever get one) and some Bertie Botts’ Every Flavoured Beans.

These were a mistake as around half are utterly gross.

Dan and I had enjoyed, but the major thing was that MWF was buzzing and extremely happy. This made the queuing worth it and it’s hard to be negative when it’s made someone you love so happy.

I was starving by now, so we headed back to London and Dan promised to take us somewhere nice for some grub.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

6 thoughts on “London Part 4: Harry Potter Tour

  1. I loved the Harry Potters studio tour, but they didn’t have the train when I went so I might have to visit again! I’m with you on the butterbeer though – my boyfriend loved it but I wasn’t a fan! And the shop…well, I thought I’d have to take out a second mortgage just to cover it! There are some cool things in there, but I’m sure the prices are doubled just because it’s the shop at the studio tour!

    1. The gift shop is ludicrous, they’ve already made a ton of money, they could knock the prices down by £1-3 per item and still be raking it in. The train is pretty awesome, to be fair. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Hi. I’m the author of the Gunthar novellas of which you have said (some nice) things about. Shame we couldn’t have met up. I live literally two minutes away from Watford Junction…. I even grew up close to what is now Warner Bros. studios in Watford.
    Small world, eh?

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