Book Review: The Second Super by Logan Rutherford

I stumbled across this book by chance and it appealed to me because of the superhero theme. It starts with an interesting idea, what if the first person to have superpowers was a villain.

The novel starts as Richter holds the world hostage, levelling cities and doing whatever he pleases, the world’s armies powerless to stop him. Then suddenly another person, teenager Kane Andrews develops powers and makes a vow to try to stop Richter.


It’s a nice idea and Rutherford also uses a nice framing device which gives us a glimpse of the characters’ future and also sets up an intriguing mystery at the end. In fact it’s the ending that really saves this as until then it’s a rather formulaic affair, entertaining enough but nothing special. But the ending suggests that Rutherford has some more ideas and hopefully it will develop.

There are nice touches and he manages to make his teenage protagonist likeable and realistic, and he writes quick, short chapters that make it an enjoyable quick read.

It’s by the numbers in paces, but shows promise and is fun enough.

Verdict: A fun superhero tale which doesn’t break much new ground but is engaging enough and Rutherford has some nice ideas and keeps it moving at a good pace. 6/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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