Tattoo Ideas

Seriously suffering with blogger’s block at the moment so here’s just a selection of ideas I’m considering for my fourth tattoo.

X-Men logo

A little bit geeky, but I love the X-Men and the logo is simple and quite cool, also . I’d go for the red and black one.


Eastern philosophy meaning “do no harm”.

Anti-possession Tattoo

Even geekier than the X-Men thing, this is the symbol the Winchester brothers have in Supernatural to stop them getting demonically possessed. It looks pretty badass.

The Babe Wore Red

From Frank Miller’s Sin City books, not sure it could be as visually striking as on the page/screen but might still look quite badass.

Pin-up Devil

Something like this one of Bettie Page:

But a more curvy, fuller figured lady Satan in my case, like an April Flores type:

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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