365 Film Challenge Part 12: Third Time’s The Charm?

This post’s theme is second sequels, or what was briefly called “threequels” a term that thankfully never caught on.

Film #38: Lake Placid 3

The original Lake Placid is a delight, a tongue in cheek creature feature where Bill Pullman heads up a decent cast to take on a giant killer crocodile. It’s funny, got some good jump scares and one of those movies I can happily rewatch over and over.

I don’t think I’ll be going back to this again.


Okay, so plot wise this should be simple- little kid feeds baby crocs, they grow up and start chomping on people. The whiny kid is a major problem in the movie, but also there’s the fact that there’s subplots I don’t care about- four students out in the woods for laugh who I think are supposed to provide the “comedy” part of this “comedy horror” but the gags fall painfully flat. Similarly, the FX are so poor that the horror doesn’t work either.

Not helped by the fact the movie insists on having the crocs attack in broad daylight and mainly out of the water, just highlighting how cheap everything looks. Michael Ironside is having hammy fun as the sheriff, but that’s not enough to stop this from being massively uninvolving. Why should I care if any of these characters make it or not.

Not funny. Not scary. Dross. 2/10.

Film #43: Halloween III: Season of the Witch

I’ve watched most of the Halloween season before, with a few exceptions (the second movie, the most recent sequel and the remake) and had skipped this one because it seemed an oddity, the only instalment that doesn’t deal with Michael Myers going on a murder spree.

Stepping away from the slasher genre, this is more of a science fiction affair as a doctor delves into the murder of a patient and uncovers a conspiracy involving androids, witches, Halloween masks and Stonehenge. It sounds a daft premise, and it is, but the film deserves some credit for trying something new and for creating a sense of unease and weirdness. The acting is wooden in places, and the script is basic, but it’s an interesting idea and done somewhat successfully. 5/10.

Film #44: Resident Evil: Extinction

The Resident Evil series seems like something I should like more, with Milla Jovovich fighting against zombies, but while the first movie is daft fun, I wasn’t fussed on the second and then stopped following it. I’d just occasionally be surprised whenever a new one landed in the cinema, I mean, six films?!

Anyway, I’d seen a little bit of this movie before, but not enough to class it as having been seen. So, I figured, as I needed another threequel, why not revisit the series.

It’s a pretty fun movie, and there are some nice touches. The zombie crows are pretty cool, and the scene where they sit around the survivors is a nice riff on The Birds, and the image of Las Vegas reclaimed by the desert (with a nod to Planet of the Apes) is pretty cool. The zombie stuff is well done, even if familiar territory. The evil corporation idea works too, although the transformation of the bad guy into a giant monster at the end is a bit daft. Dumb, but entertaining. 7/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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