365 Film Challenge Part 3: Short Controlled Bursts

Watched a few shorts on Disney+ and under the challenge rules 5% of my total can be short films, which works out at 18 short movies. So, here’s the first batch of shorts.

Film #7: Out

A young man prepares to leave for the big city with his boyfriend, but has yet to come out to his parents. While lamenting how difficult the situation and how easy his dog has it the two swap bodies. As a dog the young man desperately tries to stop his mother from finding a picture of him with his boyfriend, and comes to get a fresh perspective as his mother talks to the dog.

sparkshorts out

It’s a lovely, sweet and warm little movie that uses the ridiculous body swap conceit to tell a moving story about the importance of communication, love and acceptance. A charming gem. 9/10.

Film #8: Purl

Purl, a friendly, sweet natured ball of pink wool starts a new job at a male dominated office. Feeling like an outcast she changes her look and how she acts and becomes more popular at work, but when another ball of wool arrives and is alienated too, what will she do?

It’s a well made film, and visually stunning, with funny parts but the “macho workplaces are bad” idea is hardly subtle and it feels on the nose at times. 7/10.

Film #9: Kitbull

By the end of this one WoM and I were in tears. The story of a stray kitten who befriends an mistreated fighting pitbull is wordless but extremely moving. It shows the emerging friendship between the two and

Moving, masterful movie making. 9/10.

Clockwise from top left- Purl, Kitbull, Smash and Grab, Float

Film #10: Float

A father discovers that his young son has the ability to float, which he attempts to hide and stop to avoid other people’s negative reactions. This puts a strain on their relationship until the father comes to appreciate the positives of his son’s uniqueness.

An interesting and sweet short about people’s fear of the different and the negative impact wishing someone was “normal” can have. 8/10.

Film #11: Smash and Grab

Two robots work in a train’s engine room, tethered to their work by their energy cords and unable to interact physically. Witnessing higher tech robots which have their own energy cores one of the robot swipes them so they can be free, but they are pursued by others.

The themes of friendship and the yearning to be free of work drudgery worked for me and it has a couple of poignant moments that hit home. 8/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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