Tough questions

Prompt: What is one question you hate being asked? Explain.

“Do you think she’s pretty?”


To be fair MWF doesn’t ask this question often, but when it does come up it is an awkward one. I have to answer quickly and correctly or else I get thumped.

The obvious, no-brainer answer is “No”, regardless of who I’m asked about. But there are times when this just leads me to being called a liar, especially if I expressed an attraction before we got together. If I don’t find them attractive I go for a “no”, but what about those who I do think are pretty?

The best answer I came up with was to acknowledge the aesthetic appeal but make it abundantly clear I didn’t fancy them. This can still leave me getting a thump, so it helps to throw in that I find MWF far more attractive than whoever I’m asked about.

This isn’t a lie because for me MWF is the most gorgeous and amazing person, and being with her makes me extremely happy.

I can still appreciate the prettiness of another person, but it goes no further than that. I have no interest in them beyond that and in a head to head competition MWF wins every time.


Despite this, I’d still not be asked and avoid a potential thumping.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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