2020 Vision

So Buzzfeed recently ran an item where they asked readers to write a letter to themselves in 5 years time, so here’s my letter to 2020’s Chris.

Dear Chris Me,
How’s it going buddy? I can imagine that a lot has changed by the time you read this. For one thing you (we?) will be married, by the time you read this, and will have been for a couple of years. Heck, there may even be a Chris Jr on the scene?
I’ll also be 35. And I thought 30 sounded old.
Now, on Buzzfeed it was mostly about giving advice, so future me here’s some advice:
1. I hope you’ve lost weight and started running again, if not get MWF or MWW as she’ll be then to give you a slap.
2. Get better at seeing your friends, I leave it way too long before hanging out with the guys. We’re still close, but you gotta put some work in.
3. Write that book!!!
4. If nothing’s off your bucket list, pick something and do it. Just do it! Stop reading about other people’s exciting lives and make yourself exciting.
5. Do what’s right, even if it causes problems.
6. Have the nephew cheering for Wales, not England.
7. Book a holiday, cross another place off the destination wishlist.
8. Keep trying to be nicer. We’re not an utter heel, but there’s always room for improvement.
9. Convince MWF/MWW that Elvis is the true King. I just want to be able to blast some “Jailhouse Rock” in the car


10. Also that reggae is the music of the gods.
Anyway, I’m sure your doing fine and hopefully better than I am now, and that you still have all those great people in your life. Now, stop reading this, kiss your (our?) gorgeous wife and then start on that book.
2015 Chris.
PS This whole two versions of me is a little Looper/Days of Future Past isn’t it? Working out how to refer to myself was tricky.


Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

5 thoughts on “2020 Vision

  1. Great idea, I might write my own! Though as I’m quite a bit older then you, I wonder if the letter will hold any landmarks in my future life. Still, inspirational!

    1. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the feedback. I think you still have some landmarks to go, especially as a parent! And I think no matter what age we are there are always things to do.

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