Yule Log-In

I was on the Huffington Post page today, checking in on the news and at the top of the page was an advert for Amazon's Boxing Day sale. This is common enough, and I quite like the January sales, you have Christmas money to burn and there's always one item from your wishlist that Santa … Continue reading Yule Log-In

Stay on target!

Today I did some quick shopping for food and stuff and while at the Co-Op I witnessed one of my least favourite types of queue people: Drifters. Here's how queuing works- You get what you need, join the back of the line and wait until you get to the front. Simple, right? But drifters get … Continue reading Stay on target!

Grey Day

You can't beat the elderly. Pity. - Old joke. Of all the song lyrics that suit my life and outlook, one that I've consistently agreed with is "Hope I die before I get old" from The Who's classic "My Generation", granted 50% of the band didn't get their wish, with Daltrey and Townshend now having … Continue reading Grey Day


Here in Wales there's been this policy bought in where you have to pay an extra 5p for a plastic carrier bag. It's a really good idea, intended to cut down on waste and I think that kind of thing should be encouraged. Encouraging people to use reusable bags will cut down on the plastic … Continue reading Baggage