What I Believe

I try to write as often as I can on here, but sometimes I struggle for topics. This is why I've started collecting lists of prompts and suggestions for posts, to save for days when the muse isn't with me. This post is inspired by one of those prompts: 10 Things I Believe I've done … Continue reading What I Believe

Book Review: Revolution by Russell Brand

To be honest it took me a while to get into this book. I found the early stages a bit of a slog and feared that this was where Brand and I would part ways. It seemed a shame as I've long been a fan and find him an interesting, funny and clever person. The … Continue reading Book Review: Revolution by Russell Brand


During one of his live shows Russell Brand talks about how sometimes just before he falls asleep his subconscious will throw up an embarrassing memory, which makes him kick off his blankets in response to the intense embarrassment. It's a funny bit that I'm doing no justice to, but trust me, his acting out his … Continue reading Cringe

Milking it: Seriously, Josie, it’s getting really hard to have your back

Josie Cunningham, the notorious "NHS boob job" girl, has continued to haunt the tabloid press, and her newly arrived daughter has been born into a crazy world. Having narrowly avoided having her entrance into this world attended by four strangers, her daughter's now unwittingly become part of the tabloid circus following Josie's latest Twitter blunder. … Continue reading Milking it: Seriously, Josie, it’s getting really hard to have your back

Lucky Dip

This week the Coptic Christians in Egypt selected their new pope. I'll confess I don't know much about the group, which is apparently the largest Christian minority in the middle East, but finding out how they chose the new guy, the artist formerly known as Bishop Tawadros, was quite surprising and I think quite cool. … Continue reading Lucky Dip