Top 5 New (To Me) TV Shows of 2020

I thought I'd to a list of some of the TV shows I got into this year. Some are new, some are older but I just hadn't got around to watching yet. These are my five favourites. Honourable mentions: the dark, brooding reboot of Perry Mason starring Matthew Rhys, Stumptown which stars Colbie Smulders as … Continue reading Top 5 New (To Me) TV Shows of 2020

Christmas Number One Rankings: ’10s

Singing competitions' reign at the top was over, and they'd only get three of the top tens here. The others were a mix of novelty songs, charity records and a few straightforward pop singles. So, kinda like it was in the '80s. #10. I Love Sausage Rolls- LadBaby ('19) #9. We Built This City- LadBaby … Continue reading Christmas Number One Rankings: ’10s