Pic Post: Cars, Common Sense and Cosplay



Simple comeback, but it works


This is what I think a lot


Solid pun work


Good sign


Hot Picture of the Week

Cosplay from The Fifth Element.


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Pic Post: Signs, Searches and Shakespearean Statuses

Pun #1


How religious people flirt


Pun #2


Nerdy, but funny


A brilliant Noel Fielding moment

Noel Fielding gives a brilliant response to a host who seems a little dumb.


Checked in at Verona


Hot Picture of the Week

The supremely gorgeous Natalie Portman.


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Pic Post: Superheroes, Signs and Tipos

Awesome gym sign


This is just awesome


Text speak in real life


A few years back when I was spending far too much time talking to people on MSN I once used LOL out loud (would that be LOLOL then?) it was a low point.

Best tattoo parlour name I’ve seen


The secret communications of super villains


Accident, or does one of the production crew have a grudge?



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Pic Post: Reading, Reality and Random Ink

Great response


This is kinda true and made me laugh


This is kinda true and made me sad

There are few moments as soul destroying as seeing pictures of a relative dressed up as an Indian


Totally random tattoo, but I kind of like it


Tackling Sexism

What I love is that when having to come up with the polar opposite of Hitler they thought of Efron.

What I love is that when having to come up with the polar opposite of Hitler they thought of Efron.

Can’t decide if this is clever and cute, or just really, really creepy


Well done, that man!

Love a pun.


Hot picture of the week

The lovely Kat Dennings.


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Pic Post: Cuteness, Cool Teacher and Crazy Images

I thought this was so sweet and cool

And the comment someone added just makes it even better.


Bad Education 1

Best way of marking ever.


Outing yourself

Shoulda probably thought about that status before you posted, idiot.


Bad Education 2



This image is so surreal and striking, bit more serious than what I usually have in these posts but felt it needed to be shared.

Wonder what he's playing.

Wonder what he’s playing.

Someone’s clearly on Team Dean

Supernatural fans are split into two groups, and I gotta say as a member of Team Dean, I got a kick out of this.


Hot picture of the week

Star of the awesome Scandal and Django Unchained, the gorgeous Kerry Washington.


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Pic Post: Call to the Cardinals, Cynics and Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theory 1

This made me chuckle, and could there be something in it?


Cardinals are you listening?

After Big Ben stood down speculation over who will take the magic chair has been raging, but this is by far the best suggestion I’ve seen.


Conspiracy Theory 2

I’m guessing whoever came up with this was stoned.


Cynical Teacher


Hot Picture of the Week

Katy Perry at the Grammy’s a couple of weeks back.

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards

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Pic Posts: Facts, Puns and Names

Geek joke time!


Best swimming pool sign ever



He was bringing you cookies, dammit!


Animal Magic

Never let it be said that this blog isn’t educational.





Hot picture of the week

I always feel a little bad for Kelly Rowland, she’s had a few tracks that I’ve really liked (“Dilemma” and “Commander”) and she is flat out gorgeous, but she’s always going to be in Beyonce’s shadow, but here I’m going to show my appreciation for the stunning Miss Rowland.


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A Single Dude’s Views on Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s day, when couples around the world will be exchanging gifts, cards and piling pressure on themselves to make this evening special and magical.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be one of those whining “It’s a con made by card companies” rants from a bitter singleton or a “I love being single, and it totally doesn’t bother me” thing, this is just me rambling on about V-day.

Here’s the thing, I’m not going to lie, like most single folks I wouldn’t mind having someone to spend Valentine’s with and also, like most single folks, the holiday does bug me a little.

Just a little, in the way it bugs me when there’s a Bank Holiday and I have to work, that sense that most people are enjoying something that I’m not a part of. So the adverts and mentions of it irk me a little, but it’s not like I’m sitting grumbling into a glass of Scotch or going to the park to throw rocks at old couples.


Most of the time being single is just a low level bother in the background, like having a minor cold or needing a haircut. You can probably sort it out if you made the effort, but you can get by as it stands. All Valentine’s day does is put this problem front and centre for a couple of days, I say a couple of days because you’re also bombarded with pre-V day ads and e-mails offering you romantic deals.

The thing that stops me from being a bitter singleton is that I’m a soft git and I quite like seeing slushy romantic stuff. I find couples who have the guts to engage in PDA rather sweet (to a point) and I like seeing people being happy. I also like to think that all that stuff is still going to be part of my future.

This is the kind of thing I like, a cool idea where a library did a Valentine's theme mystery book thing.

This is the kind of sweet thing I like, a cool idea where a library did a Valentine’s theme mystery book thing.

My love life may have stalled, and I’m somewhat guilty of not putting in much effort (my resolution to socialize more is really not working out, although I do have a few things coming up) and my online dating isn’t really working out. I’m never going to have a picture that stops people and makes them instantly swoon, but I think it’s about time I got a new one, because my old one, where I have longer hair and am a little heavier clearly isn’t working.

Seriously, the other day I got messaged by this girl who’d clicked she wanted to meet me, but her first question was whether I was a guy or a girl. Yeah, that one hurt.

This guy might get more responses than me.

This guy might get more responses than me.

I mean, there are advantages to being single. For example, I get to save some cash. Apparently women buy more cards, but men spend more. It does seem as though V-day is mainly focused on the bloke treating his special lady, which I’ve always felt was a tad unfair, and was probably why some people invented “Steak and Blow Job Day” to redress the balance in March.



It’s easier for one thing and it means I don’t have to worry about things like keeping my room tidy or making my plans around anyone else’s timetable.

Although I would happily sacrifice these minor, almost insignificant perks if I met a girl I liked.

Which brings me to the one aspect of V-day that bugged me the most this year. It made me feel old, and isolated. I blame David Mitchell for this.

In his book Mitchell mentions that in his 20s part of the reason he didn’t date much was that you don’t really have as many crushes as an adult. And this is kind of true, I’ve met girls I’ve liked, had a few mini crushes but I’ve not had a massive crush since uni really.

I think this is because I’m getting old and have other stuff to think about, and my hormones aren’t as out of control as they were.

It’s kind of a drag though, I had crushes throughout school and uni, usually just one at a time, and while they weren’t without problems (unrequited love/lust is a bitch, as is being incredibly awkward around someone every time you see them) they felt like you maybe had a chance because you were focused on winning one person over. Ironically, the only proper girlfriend I’ve ever had was someone I had a crush on but when we finally got together I was actually pursuing someone else, in my own cack-handed extremely unsuccessful way.

But part of me worries that the dearth of proper crushes is actually a sign that on some level I’ve given up.

Although for all we know this could be one of those “when you least expect it” stories.

Ah, well, que sera, sera.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

Pic Post: Geeky Fashions, Greats Meet and Grumpy Grans

Holy facial hair, Batman!

This is just ace.


One of the advantages of getting old

I’ve noticed that one of the things old people have over their younger counterparts is that they seem to have lost all their cares and don’t really give a damn about anything like embarrassment, it’s both inspiring and kind of annoying, but this illustration of this phenomena really made me laugh:


When Awesomeness Collides!

I’ve previously used these picture posts to show greats meeting, and I was kinda stoked to find a Tumblr page devoted to this kind of picture, so here are a couple of my faves from the page:

Florence Welch and Diane Keaton seeming to have a good old natter

Florence Welch and Diane Keaton seeming to have a good old natter

The Golden Age of Hollywood- Bacall, Bogart and Monroe, with Bogie blatantly checking out Marilyn

The Golden Age of Hollywood- Bacall, Bogart and Monroe, with Bogie blatantly checking out Marilyn

The President, The Boss and The Rapper

The President, The Boss and The Rapper

Awesome dress

So, this Doctor Who fan made herself this bitching TARDIS dress:


It’s gotten quite a lot of exposure online, which is how I stumbled across it and most people seem to appreciate the awesomeness of the dress and praise the lady in question, but sadly there are always a few idiots out there and I was annoyed to see a few negative people slagging her off. Well, personally I think it’s super cool and it’s a funny, smart dress that shows real with and quirkiness, and I think she’s cute too.

Creepiest Snow Sculpture Ever!



Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

Pic Post: Puns, Pizza and Public Transport Awesomeness

Words of Wisdom 1- Stephen Fry

Mr Fry, being his usual awesome self.


Best Bus Driver Ever

In my experience bus drivers are usually a grumpy, rude bunch, but this guy sounds pretty cool.


Words of Wisdom 2- Sponge

This is why I want to travel more, and try to be more outgoing and sociable.


Lateral Thinking

This, if true, is some very fine problem solving work.


Words of Wisdom 3- Chewbacca 

I saw this the other day and it made me laugh like a drain.


Brilliant Pun Work




Hot Picture of the Week

I’ve been a massive fan of Ali Larter’s for years, ever since her whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues, so this picture of her in a kind of sexy cavegirl get-up ticks all the boxes for me.


Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.