Of mice and men

On Friday night I was the victim of the sexism. It was late in the evening, and after watching some TV was more than happy to turn in for the night with MWG. However, I was forced off the sofa, and into the cold night. Why? Because "I'm a man". The background to this story … Continue reading Of mice and men

Budapest Part 4: Dizzy heights and return flights

Our last day started with a hasty last minute pack, breakfast stuffing and then we wandered over to the tram station to catch one into town. We'd missed our sightseeing bus but took a stroll over the Danube by bridge and wandered around Pest for a bit before we arrived at the basilica, as we'd … Continue reading Budapest Part 4: Dizzy heights and return flights


When I was single I dabbled in online dating, but thankfully I found MWG and I've escaped that confusing, nerve wracking world for the better (even if she has belched spectacularly, right in my face). One site I never got involved with was Tinder, because it seemed totally bizarre that you'd make a judgment based … Continue reading Nudes?