Too angry for a pithy title

Do you ever read something and straight away your blood is boiling? You're furious about something and despair for mankind's future? I had one of these moments on Sunday, when, only four days into the new year, Christian Leclerc, the mayor of the French town of Champlan made a strong case for being 2015's biggest … Continue reading Too angry for a pithy title

Something is rotten in the state of Florida

Sometimes it must suck being a cop. I think a lot of folks probably join the service because they buy into that "protect and serve" line you get in movies, and probably dream of catching serial killers, running down muggers and generally doing some hero type stuff. So it must have been tough for Fort … Continue reading Something is rotten in the state of Florida


Call me sentimental, or naive, but I honestly believe that 95% of humanity are basically decent people. That 5% are the real scumbags, but the rest of the world is basically sound. They may make mistakes, they may not always do the right thing, but deep down, at their core most people know and want … Continue reading Spikes