Flash Friday: The White Album

The attic was the last room, and he'd cleared most of it when he found the album.It had a white cover, the ones downstairs had been red and blue. And he didn't recognise the women in the photos.His uncle's exes?There were five women featured, all of them blondes. Uncle Terry had a type obviously.Each one … Continue reading Flash Friday: The White Album

Flash Friday: Revolver

I recently did the #3albumsfinal on Twitter and I thought I'd use the album titles of the 82 albums as writing prompts, so here's the first one. Click!The crowd cheered. But they'd have cheered either way.Money changed hands and I forced a smile as I reached across the table to him.The gun was heavy, an … Continue reading Flash Friday: Revolver

Flash Friday: Power Has Limits

A different world.Magically transformed.The naked branches had new beauty, the gulls turning ahead became majestic, even the wind, cold and biting changed. Bracing, cleansing.His lips could still feel hers. His heart sang.His feet walking with a joyful strut, seemed to hardly touch the floor.Love.Love was the magic. It made a dull grey striking. It made … Continue reading Flash Friday: Power Has Limits