Florida 2019: Kennedy Space Center

NASA's space exploration, particularly during the Cold War Space Race is a period that holds endless fascination. An era where scientific boundaries were being pushed, invention was running wild and brave figures were putting themselves at risk in experimental machines. Astronauts became heroes, they pushed the frontiers of where man had been, they gambled on … Continue reading Florida 2019: Kennedy Space Center

New Things: Pokemon Hunting

Like a lot of folks I got caught up in the Pokemon hype of the late nineties. I'd watch it on SMTV Live and collected the cards, and when the movie was released my friend Dan and I went to see it, pretending that we were merely escorting my youngest sister. After that I lost … Continue reading New Things: Pokemon Hunting

Book Review: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

This is a fantastic and fascinating read from Ronson, a writer I've admired for a while (in the past he's covered conspiracy theories and the business of mental health) and it sees him tackle a serious problem of the social media age, public shaming and Twitter mobs. Ronson begins with the story of a spam … Continue reading Book Review: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson


When I was single I dabbled in online dating, but thankfully I found MWG and I've escaped that confusing, nerve wracking world for the better (even if she has belched spectacularly, right in my face). One site I never got involved with was Tinder, because it seemed totally bizarre that you'd make a judgment based … Continue reading Nudes?