Book Review: Beverly Hills Postmate by Charles St. Anthony

I’ve read a couple of St. Anthony’s books (reviewed here), and they’re quite entertaining quick reads. So, I was quite chuffed when he asked to send me a free e-copy of his latest via Twitter. Similar to one of his earlier books this is about his time as a delivery driver using the various food delivery apps. The timeframe is 2020, with St. Anthony getting a new car due to public transport becoming even less appealing due to COVID-19.

With a car being super expensive in LA, he decides to focus on the Beverly Hills region and talks about the impact of the virus on the city of LA and the gig economy lifestyle. He talks about what the popular choices were, what he saw in the deliveries and the strange atmosphere caused by the virus.

Delivery drivers became the unexpected heroes of 2020, and I think most of us used the various apps more than we had prior to the virus, and it’s interesting to see it from the other side. There’s also some good insights into things like LA’s homelessness situations and just how shaky everything got last year.

It’s a quick, easy read but it’s lacking a bit in incident. I was expecting more anecdotes and weird moments, and while it raised a few smiles and chuckles it wasn’t quite as good as I expected. Still, it’s a good quick look at what life was like in the times of Corona and how it effected people. And St Anthony is a skilled, amiable writer.

Rating- 6/10

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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