Book Review: Werewolf By Moonlight by Guy N. Smith

This is the second book by Guy N. Smith that I’ve read this year, having really enjoyed Night of the Crabs, This book is another fast moving, pulpy horror novel, but does have a major flaw. Namely, the hero of the story Gordon Hall. He’s not the most likeable bloke, and while some of this is “it was a different time” stuff (his hunting and setting traps for foxes) but at the same time some of the stuff he does is morally questionable. This includes starting an affair with a married woman and letting her believe he’s more invested in the relationship than he is.

This is a shame, because the rest of the book holds up rather well. There’s a local legend of black dogs roaming the hills, and then the guy getting bitten and having to deal with becoming a werewolf. Smith writes from the perspective of the werewolf as the man’s humanity begins to fade, overpowered by the beastly urges of the monster.

There are a few places where the novel stumbles, most notably the ending which feels irritatingly rushed and unsatisfying, but these aside it’s a decent, quick read which handles the werewolf myths very well and has some nice touches and manages to be gory without being too unpleasant. It’s a fun, entertaining read that flies by and I’m glad I picked up the omnibus as it means I’ve got two more novels (and a short story) to look forward to.

Good, cheap thrills. 6/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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