Flash Friday: You Must Remember This…

I’ve decided to do some Flash Fiction (super short stories) and I figured I’d post a few here on Fridays because I love alliteration. This is my first attempt, I hope you enjoy.

Why did the song twist like a knife in his heart? He knew it, an oldie, but for some reason it felt bittersweet, melancholy, contrasting with the cheery chorus.
Tears were on his cheeks. Why had he been crying?
He looked at his desk, smoke rose from a small bowl. It smelt of November bonfires.
Next to it was a piece of paper- A Spell to Forget Lost Love.
What had he done?
His journal, every previous entry destroyed, said he did it for peace.
But now his mind swirled with questions. What fresh torment had he made for himself?

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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