12, sorry 10, Films of Christmas Part 2

More festive flicks for my 365 Film Challenge.

Film #126: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

A drilling team in Finland discover a burial mound and inadvertently unleash Joulupukki, a creature that inspired the modern version of Santa. Unfortunately this creature isn’t the jolly present giving type, more the stealing children and punishing them.

It’s an interesting premise, but unfortunately it’s rather slow getting going and it might be the subtitles, but I found it hard to warm to the characters and I think some of the humour gets lost too. Disappointing really. 4/10.

Film #127: Slay Belles

Three girls accidentally unleash the Krampus and have to team up with Santa to defeat him. This was one of the suggested titles under Rare Exports so I went in pretty much blind, and found it starred Hannah Wagner aka Hannah Minx, a YouTuber I was a fan of before she dropped off the face of the earth.

The “Adventure Girls” are a group of social media cosplayers who go “urban exploring” and inadvertently release the beastie. It’s painfully low budget, and the acting isn’t fantastic. It feels very much like a project done by a group of friends over a few days, which has a certain charm but it creaks frequently. 4/10.

Film #128: Pride, Prejudice and Misteltoe

There’s a massive number of Christmas rom-coms, most with the same plot, but I was lured into this one by the Austen reference, and thought it might be an interesting spin. Unfortunately aside from a few little nods like our heroine being named Darcy Fitzwilliam while her love interest is Luke Bennet, this has sod all to do with the novel. Darcy is a successful business woman in New York, but when she goes home to her smalltown home she helps her mum plan a charity event and meets Luke, an old high school rival. As they grow closer a relationship blossoms and Darcy starts to reflect on her life and what she wants.

It’s utterly inoffensive, and a little dull, but its serviceable and Lacey Chabert is rather charming and sweet in the lead role. 5/10.

Film #130: The Princess Switch

Vanessa Hudgens is just about charming enough to carry off this twee spin on the Prince and the Pauper, as she plays a Princess and a baker owner who swap places over Christmas and find love. It’s a little stilted, and formulaic, but it passes the time. 5/10.

As Christmas passed and January moved on, I couldn’t really face anymore Christmas movies especially as they seem to fall into four categories-

  1. Naff kids movies
  2. Naffer romcoms
  3. Adaptations/Rip Offs of A Christmas Carol
  4. A lot of cheap looking horrors featuring the Krampus

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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