Top 5 New (To Me) TV Shows of 2020

I thought I’d to a list of some of the TV shows I got into this year. Some are new, some are older but I just hadn’t got around to watching yet. These are my five favourites.

Honourable mentions: the dark, brooding reboot of Perry Mason starring Matthew Rhys, Stumptown which stars Colbie Smulders as a messy, messed up ex-soldier turned PI and the engagingly daft iZombie, about a zombie medical examiner who eats the brains of murder victims to gain their memories and find their killers.

#5. Prodigal Son

A crime show with a great premise, following a psychological profiler who happens to be the son of a serial killer. Tom Payne plays the intense, damaged crime fighter while Michael Sheen is immensely fun as his murderous father. There’s a good back and forth between the characters, clever plots and a great supporting cast. Sheen seems to be having a ball too.

#4. Ash Vs Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell is back in the saddle as Ash Williams, chainsaw handed deadite killer in a fantastically fun and OTT horror comedy. The older Ash is a likeable, if flawed, character and the story of him inadvertently starting the apocalypse and having to confront the demons of his past is handled well. There are buckets of gore splashed around the place, but in such an overblown way it’s more funny than sickening. Also, it has Lucy Lawless, who is always a welcome premise.

#3. The Mandolorian

The best Star Wars release since the original trilogy for me, this deals with the titular bounty hunter undertaking various missions across the galaxy, all while protecting the adorably cute Child. There’s a cool western vibe to the show, and each episode is like a self contained action movie. It’s a testament to the writing that a show that features a babbling baby and a guy who’s face is fully covered at all times engaging and charming. Absolutely love it.

#2. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

I only remember She-Ra as a spin/rip-off of He-Man, but this reboot is fantastic. The story of a young woman having to deal with her life being founded on lies and her destiny as a superpowered warrior. Realising that she’s been on the wrong side drives a wedge between her and her oldest friend, but she discovers new friends. What I love about this show are the characters, which are wonderfully complex and well written for a kids’ show.

It’s a great, inclusive and accepting show that deals with issues like sexuality, parental pressure, emotional abuse and identity in a really great way without being preachy. The characters, on both sides of the fight are well written, and given a lot of depth.

My favourite character is Scorpia, the muscle for the bad guys who is wonderfully sweet and caring. Her interactions with Catra, who she is clearly in love with are handled really well and her arc of gaining confidence in herself and a sense of her true worth is superb.

#1. Lucifer

The third show on the list with a Welsh actor front and centre, Tom Ellis is effortlessly cool and sexy as the fallen angel. Bored of hell he has escaped to LA where he lives a hedonistic lifestyle as the owner of a high end nightclub. But when he’s drawn into a murder case he crosses path with an attractive detective who is the only human immune to his powers to draw out people’s true desires. It’s fun and silly in places, but Ellis manages to slowly reveal the fears, doubts and heroism of the dark lord. Great supporting cast too. Wonderful stuff.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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