365 Film Challenge Part 21: More Zombies!

Does what it says on the tin.

Film #70: Dead 7

Former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter came up with the story for this movie, and stars in it alongside two of his former bandmates, along with former members of other boybands N’Sync (not Justin Timberlake, obviously) and O Town. They play survivors who are part of a Wild West style society that has risen up from the ashes.

Apcolypta (Debra Wilson) has gathered an army of the undead and set herself up to take over the world. She offers the other survivors a simple choice, join or die. She attacks Harper’s Junction, a small settlement, and most of the humans are killed. They caputre the enemy lieutenant Johnny Vermillion (Carter’s bandmate A. J. McLean) and take him to Desert Springs where they link up with the survivors to face off against Apocalypta’s army.

The dialogue is basic, the action hampered by some awful effects but it has a certain daft charm. The standout among the crowd is Joey Fatone, who is having a ball as the loud, OTT gunslinger Whiskey Joe. It’s a fun addition to a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is a dumb, but passable zombie action flick. 5/10.

Film #85: Dead Rising: Watchtower

A reporter gets stuck inside a quarantined city after a zombie outbreak and the anti-zombie meds stop working. Stuck inside the walled city he tries to work out why the meds would stop working while trying to stay ahead of psychotic gangs and the undead. Meanwhile, on the outside his camerawoman starts to suspect that the authorities aren’t telling them the full story.

I really dug this flick because it’s just a kinda straight-ahead zombie movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are explosive zombie take downs, some gloriously daft improvised weapons (a traffic cone is one of my favourites), and the fight scenes are fast paced, anarchic and with flashes of slapstick. Jesse Metcalfe does a decent job as the lead, who has to quickly improvise weapons as he goes along, and the plot works rather well. It’s a solid and entertaining movie. 7/10.

Film #87: Range 15

I was lured into this movie due to the presence of William Shatner, Keith David, Danny Trejo and Sean Astin. And the idea of a bunch of hungover veterans having to fight zombies sounded like it could be fun.

Unfortunately, ten minutes in, Shatner was dead, undead and then dead again, and there’d been a bunch of transphobic and homophobic “jokes”. A Wikipedia search revealed that this is a coproduction between two clothing companies who make clothes for vets in the States, and a bunch of their staff play roles here. I hope their clothes are better made than this.

Seriously, the acting here is terrible, the humour is utterly moronic and I couldn’t make it to the end. I have no idea how they got those names to sign up for this because it is utterly dire and possibly the worst movie I’ve ever seen. 0/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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