365 Film Challenge Part 18: Comedy Horrors

Film #66: The Babysitter

A young boy discovers that the babysitter he fancies and her friends are part of a satanic cult and must fight to survive. This movie is tons of fun, reminding me in a way of Tucker & Dale Vs Evil, with characters getting taken out in elaborate, over-the-top accidents. It’s a fast moving romp, with a gang of irritating teens as the villains and plenty of daft gags along the way.

There’s also a strong central story about our hero having to dig deep and discover bravery he didn’t know he had. And the relationship between the boy and the babysitter is handled quite well, suggesting there’s genuine affection between the two, and capturing the awkwardness of young crushes. A gory gem. 8/10.

Film #73: Office Uprising

Office workers for a weapons manufacturer are forced to fight for their lives as a contaminated energy drink turns their coworkers into vicious psychos. I got on board with this after finding it on Netflix and discovering it starred two actors I really like Jane Levy and Zachary Levi. Also, it was sold to me as a zombie movie, and I love zombie movies.

The premise, of slacker forced out of his comfort zone by the attacks isn’t revolutionary and that’s part of the movie’s problem, it feels like a retread of superior films. There’s the “rules” that appear on screen like in Zombieland and the character being oblivious to the surrounding carnage is straight out of Shaun of the Dead. There are some fun moments, and the comedic gore and violence is rather well handled, but it feels flat in places. Average, never quite tipping into the genuinely innovative. Levi, however, playing a villain, is on fine form. 6/10.

Film #74: Bordello of Blood

A Tales from the Crypt movie this deals with a PI hired to investigate a missing person’s case who stumbles across a nest of vampire hookers. It’s a campy, schlocky affair, with some great old school effects and OTT blood and gore.

Dennis Miller plays Rafe Guttman, the PI who is fluid in snark, almost every line is a sarcastic jibe or gag, while Chris Sarandon plays a showy televangelist who has to join him in fighting the bloodsucking beauties. The film is rather fun, although very much the kind of movie geared at teenage boys with the snarky dialogue, gore and gratuitous nudity.

It feels like a throwback, like the exploitation genre flicks of the ’80s and ’90s, but it works as a fun, tongue in cheek, comically sleazy way. It’s kinda like a campier, less vicious From Dusk Til Dawn. It ain’t clever, it sure as hell ain’t art, but is a damn fun watch. 7/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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