Film Review: Love, Guaranteed

Note: This is film #81 of my 365 Film Challenge.

Rachael Leigh Cook stars in this romantic comedy about a rather earnest small town lawyer who takes on the case of Nick Evans (Damon Wayans Jr), a wealthy man who wants to sue a dating website over their claim to guarantee customers find love. In order to have a case, he’s had to go on 1,000 dates, and RLC’s Susan is sceptical, but with her firm struggling for money, and thinking it’ll be a simple case of getting a pay out, she takes it.

Of course, despite their initial differences and clashes, the two grow closer and sparks fly. Nick might have found love after all, and can she win their case?

This isn’t a terrible movie, but it’s not great either. One of the major problems is that we have to buy into a premise where RLC’s character is completely oblivious to how online dating works, like, I guess she might never have tried it, but it’s 2020, has she been living under a rock since around the time RLC was starring in She’s All That? And, there’s that cliche of RLC somehow never dating, and having nobody interested in her, but at least they go for the “she’s a workaholic” idea rather than just making her clumsy as is the usual way of “humanising” the good looking romcom lead.

The premise is good, and with a decent script it could have been a fun romcom, but it’s painfully mediocre. The leads are both fine, there’s the usual supporting cast of oddballs and there are some nice small moments, but it’s predictable and rather dull. I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy, and a soft git, but this left me a little cold. 5/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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