Disney Classics #46: Chicken Little

Note: Film 28 of the 365 film challenge.

This is the last Disney film I needed to watch to have seen all of the Disney classic movies to date, and one I had low expectations of because it’s one of those forgotten Disney movies that doesn’t get mentioned a lot. Loosely, and I mean loosely, based on the old rhyme of the chick who thinks the sky is falling after an acorn hits him on the head this is a kinda messy film.


Chicken Little is a clumsy nerd, one day a piece of sky hits him on the head, but when he alerts the rest of his town it’s gone and everyone assumes it was just an acorn. A year passes and CL is still mocked for the mistake and an outsider at his school, worried that he is disappointing his dad, he joins the school baseball team, but just warms the bench. And then he finally gets his moment and scores the winning run in a championship match.

Afterwards, however, another piece of sky falls into his room and he discovers it’s actually a piece of a spaceship which has cloaking tech. CL and his buddies board the alien ship and try to warn the town, but the ship cloaks before flying off, and the townspeople ridicule him. The aliens have unwittingly left Kirby, a baby alien, behind. An alien fleet returns and Chicken Little twigs that it’s a rescue mission, not an invasion. Can he convince his dad to believe him and get Kirby home safe.

Okay, here’s the good things about this movie- it moves along quite quickly, is fun in a daft kinda way and has good use of music. That’s about it, there are a couple of gags that work but it’s uneven, and the animation is really uninspired and feels flat. It looks less like a big studio movie and more like a TV show, and it’s not because the CG images have aged, this film came out in 2005 and it looks cheaper and less well done than other films from the same period (The Incredibles was the previous year).

The story as well doesn’t flow properly, and feels mismatched, it devotes a bit too much time to the baseball plot line only for the championship game to breeze past, similarly the aliens are wrapped up very quickly and while I appreciate and applaud a lean run time, the problem here is it never lands emotionally. The father-son dynamic feels shallow and underdeveloped, it just feels rather unsatisfying.

It’s easy to see why this isn’t discussed or remembered more, it’s a distinctly C-list Disney movie and rather forgettable. Just a bit “meh” really.

Disney score: 4/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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