Bucket List #20: Skinny Dip (video update)

I don’t know why I’ve always wanted to skinny dip, I mean, like most people I did it as a kid but it doesn’t really count does it? I think the idea started when I was at uni and a friend of mine confessed that they’d gone skinny dipping and it seemed daring and risque in a fun, harmless way.

Unfortunately, beset by crippling lack of confidence in my body, it seemed unlikely that I’d ever do it. Hell, for over a decade I wouldn’t even go topless in public, and I’m still really uncomfortable doing that. So how would I go for a dip in the nude?

And then we got a decent sized paddling pool in our garden, and opportunity presented itself. Here’s the video about the attempt:

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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