26 Reasons to be Cheerful/Thankful #2point6challenge

It’s day 25 of the 2.6 Challenge, the fundraising thing I’m doing to raise money for the Big Issue Foundation so that they can continue to support their vendors during the Corona crisis. Every day for twenty six days I’ve been setting myself a little challenge.

I’ve written about how I’ve been doing before, and I’ll give a final scoreboard after I finish on Saturday. You can sponsor me here.

Anyway, day 25’s challenge was a simple, low key affair because I’ve been doing night shifts this week so I wanted something that wasn’t too taxing. What I opted for was to do a list of 26 things that I’m happy or grateful about at the moment. One of the challenges I enjoyed the most was trying to send out 260 positive vibes (through friendliness, supportive comments, compliments and “likes”), and it made me think about what kind of energy I’m putting out there. Yeesh, that is one hippy sounding sentence right there. I try to avoid too much negativity online, but it made me think about what I do put out and realise I should be more actively positive.

In the vein of positive thinking I decided that I’d do a list of things I’m happy about and grateful for, and it did help to have a something positive to focus on. So, here’s the list, I’ve thought about it some more and this blog gives a second draft.

2point6 cheerfullist

Kicking it off I’m grateful for the people I have in my life, my friends and family. First of all is that I have WoM (1) in my life, as I think going through the whole lockdown thing on my own would be a lot rougher, and most of the time we’ve been getting on pretty well and looking after each other. I won’t lie, it isn’t a bed of roses and there is some bickering and being cooped up all the time can make you rub each other the wrong way. But

I’m also lucky in my friends and family (2), who have been great in staying in touch and really supportive. Thank the gods for modern technology, which helps a lot in keeping in touch, I think it would have been so much harder ten years ago, and extremely rough twenty years ago. Technology also means I get updated on the antics of my niblings (3), and their cuteness and silliness always makes me smile.

Helping on the home front as well are my pets (4), who provide comfort and love at home. Walking Ozzy (5) has always been one of my favourite things to do but I’ve found under lockdown it’s even more helpful and seeing him running around always cheers me up. The lovely weather (6) has helped my mood a lot too and I’ve really enjoyed all of the nature (7) I’ve been seeing on my walks.

2point6 cheerfulpic1

I’m also really glad that I live so close enough to walk to Barry Island (8) because it’s one of my favourite places. Ensuring I’ve gotten out for regular exercise has really helped me feel better physically and mentally. I also really like seeing all the rainbows (9) people have made, it’s a small gesture but I do kinda see it as a show of unity, and some are rather sweet.


Lockdown has also made me appreciate the little pleasures in life like coffee (10) and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (11), or just blasting some feelgood tunes (12). I’m also grateful for the Muppets (13) and Disney (14) which has given me a real lift and some smiles, especially the Muppets, they rule and I advise everyone to check them out on social media. It’s exactly the fun social media silliness (15) that has been keeping my spirits up. Social media can be a bad thing, but I’ve kinda curated my feeds to ensure there’s as much cheeriness and funny stuff to keep it a positive thing.

2point6 cheerfulpic3

One thing that is a major feature in my social media feed is drag queens (16) and I love so many of them, there’s such a variety of talent, personality and there’s something really inspiring about the self expression of drag. Seeing it give people an outlet to show different sides of themselves, embrace their uniqueness and just have fun is wonderful.

There’s other pop culture stuff that has been keeping me in a good mood. Like the fact that Lady Gaga has a new album coming (17), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (18) which is probably my favourite show of the moment and the fact we get to live at the same time as the great one, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (19). Another thing that I’m glad exists is Lego (20), it’s just the best toy ever made.

I’ve got a big stack of books to read (21), and I’m excited to break into the stack of parcels that have been arriving as I get ready to celebrate my birthday next week (22).

One of the major things that has really helped me out the last three weeks has been the 2.6 Challenge itself (23), it’s given me a positive focus and something to fill my time. I had a wobble near the start when I fell short on one challenge, but I got back on track after that and it’s been wonderful to have something that makes me feel like I’m achieving something positive.

As I near the end I’d be worried about losing that focus, but it’s actually helped me. I started writing as one of my challenges and I’ve kept going with the story and the writing is going really well (24), I’m even hoping to self publish the finished story later this year, which will be pretty cool and tick off a bucket list item. It’s not the only thing I’ve been considering and doing the challenge has made me start daydreaming and planning new projects (25) to tackle in the coming months, which is something that makes me optimistic and gives me a fresh focus.


I’m in a pretty good place at the moment, and while there are still struggles I’m definitely feeling better about where I am and what’s coming. I’ve managed to find new ways of self care and coping strategies, and I’m hoping I can maintain these. I’d love to hear what other people are happy about or what you’re grateful for, so feel free to post yours in the comments below?

Oh, and last of all, I’m happy that Wales remain the reigning 6 Nations champions (26).

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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