2.6 Challenge vlog #2point6challenge

This is a video I made at the start of the week which is about my 2.6 Challenge to raise money for the Big Issue Foundation (minimum donation is £2, which you can do here). I’ve since added a few more to the list of ones I’ve done (see below video).

This video is a bit more complicated than my usual ones, with edits and stuff, but it’s still mainly me talking to my phone.

The 2.6 Challenges so far (up until Friday 15th of May).

On days where I fail I donate £2.60 myself, which isn’t counted towards my £1M goal.

  1. 2.6k dog walk
  2. Up and down my stairs 26 times
  3. 260 top five lists (FAILED)
  4. 26 star jumps
  5. 26 successful throws of a tennis ball into a target
  6. 26 haikus (which you can read)
  7. 26 sudokus
  8. Pictures of 260 NHS/Key Worker support rainbows (FAILED)
  9. Send 260 positive vibes out into the world
  10. 26 puzzles
  11. 26 minutes of Macarena dancing
  12. Doodling 26 post cards
  13. Run 2.6 miles
  14. Get 260 pub quiz/general knowledge questions right
  15. Score 2,600 points in darts
  16. 260 keepie-uppies
  17. Score 2,600 points in Words With Friends
  18. 2,600 words of fiction writing (read it here)

Any thoughts you? You know what to do. BETEO.

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