26 Haikus #2point6challenge

So, the 2.6 Challenge continues and today’s was to write 26 haikus. I scribbled them on notes and on my phone and tweeted them throughout the day.

I kinda liked doing it and it shows how my day went and a little stream of consciousness vibe to it.

It’s all to raise money for the Big Issue Foundation and if you’d like to help them continue supporting homeless people in these difficult days you can sponsor here.


The old ugly noise

Pulls me from my dreaming in

To reality


My sofa is too

Comfy I wish I could stay

But have bills to pay


Half way to work

Had to turn around, forgot

My uniform again


Should delete this song

But Ignition (remix) still

A tune, TBH


Boss nags for late-

Ness annoying but get it

Coworker tho? Why?


Not your problem, pal

You do you, let me do me

Relax, live longer


Black and sweet

In the morn is what I need

I love you coffee


Daydreams at work

Places to go, things to do

Body in, mind out


Wife annoyed but

Not sure why? Done something wrong

But don’t know what


Wife: want a ferret

Me: don’t want a ferret

Getting a ferret


Extreme sports

On TV, wish was braver

To try new things


Fear is needed but

Can paralyse, stop us from

Adventure and fun


Whoa oh! Half way there

In words of Bon Jovi

White people anthem


To write a haiku

Is hard cos of the rules, must

Be five seven five


Doing this for the

Big Issue, few quid to spare?

Click link to give


When all this is done

Getting a new tattoo but

What? Dragon? Tribute?


DIY tat kits

On Amazon, tempting me

Resist, Chris, resist


Time is relative.

Break flies by far too fast

Back in I go. Sigh.


Hope I die before

I get old, few things scare

Me like dementia


Play the same numbers

For fear that week I don’t

They all get picked.


Shift is over. Yay!

Another day survived

Gotta get outta here


These are trying times

Stress is high, head can get messed

Ask for help. Be kind


Even in the rain

I love to walk my dog, his

Joy makes me happy


Self care is vital

Do what helps your head get right

Treat yourself well, kid.


Hey kitty girl! Oh,

Without fear I’d try drag. Find

My inner diva


The final haiku

Say something profound or just

Blah blah blah blah blah?

There you go.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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