Book Review: The Nomad En Suite by Stephen Reynolds

This is the third of Reynolds’ books about his walking trips following from his travels on the South West Coast Path and the West Highland Way. Reynolds’ funny writing, clear enjoyment in walking and my own love of nature were a big inspiration in my adding “Walk the Wales Coastal Path” to my bucket list, and in this book Reynolds is afoot on a stretch of this, walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

reynolds nomad

Rejoining Reynolds is a delight, and I soon found myself falling into step with his offbeat, Wodehouse inspired writing style. There’s also Reynolds’ continuing acknowledgement of his shortcomings as a writer (he tends to use the same phrases and words repeatedly, and catches himself doing this), but these shortcomings are minor foibles and what outweighs them is his positive nature, enthusiasm and warmth.

The days are short on incident but Reynolds is a passionate observer of the natural world he strolls through, and armed with a trusty guide book he also talks about the history of the route he follows. There’s also a lot of time given to his musings as he walks, often lighthearted but there’s also an awareness of how important preservation is, the passage of time and the benefits of walking, both in terms of physical and mental health.

I loved the book and found it utterly charming, and once again Reynolds is a personal inspiration and I’ve started planning my next, albeit shorter, walking outing on the WCP.

Easy going, amiable and full of warmth.

Review: 8/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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