Fat Boy on a Diet: August 2019 Update: Turning Point?

After a terrible July I wasn’t overly confident about August, I was working nights the entire month, which messes with your head and body, and I usually snack a lot on nights.

Also, the combination of night shifts and heat meant I was worried about getting my Couch to 5K runs in, and they have been a bit scattered. The programme is meant to be 9 weeks, or just over 2 months, but I started back in April which means has taken me almost four months, and I’m still one run from finishing (writing this Friday morning).

I kinda knew it would take longer because I was away for a week in May-June and shifts mean getting 3 runs a week might not be possible. I didn’t think it’d be this hard.

I had a major motivation slump for a bit and towards the end of July was hitting quite a funk. Luckily, I seem to have got past it.

I think I’ve tried to be more positive about stuff and a few days I’ve just forced myself to run. Also, it seems silly but as the running times got longer I started enjoying it more. The walk-run-walk style of C25K is great for building stamina but I found it hard to find a rhythm.

I wasn’t enjoying the runs but in the last few weeks of the plan where I’ve been running continuously for 25+ minutes I’ve felt that old enjoyment creeping in. Sure it’s still hard going at times but I have a buzz when I finish, and dare I say it there have been flashes of a return to the Juggernaut zone.

I’ve definitely noticed an improvement. I’ve finished every run and while each step up has been a challenge I feel like I’m adapting to them quite quickly. I’m tired at the end of the runs but not utterly exhausted, and it’s taking less time to recover too.

Me after run 2 of week 9 (30 mins run)

I plan to finish the programme over the weekend and then repeat the 30 mins runs a few more times. Ideally I’d like to get a 35 minute run or two in before Paris but we’ll see how we go.

Another boost is that sponsorship has picked up a lot. We were kinda stalled just under the quarter mark for a while, but in the last week there’s been a big jump and we passed halfway (you can help us get even closer here).

So, yeah, in a much better place mentally this month and glad to say that despite my night shift snacking and a couple of indulgences I’ve mainly been behaving on the diet front.

I’m down just under 3.5 lbs, which is about half of the vague and optimistic goal of half a stone a month I had last year, but I’m viewing it as a win and hoping I can have a better autumn.

Stay tuned for a 5K update in a few weeks, and then the monthly weight update too.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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