Book Review: Walk Sleep Repeat by Stephen Reynolds

This is the second of Reynolds’ walking books I’ve read, having enjoyed Just Off for a Walk earlier this year, which inspired me to add “walk the entire Wales Coast Path” to my bucket list. This book, as with that, is a memoir of a walking trip, this time the West Highland Way, a 100 mile walk across Scotland, ending at Fort William.

reynolds walksleeprepeat

The journey here is shorter than the previous challenge, but for me this works in the book’s favour. Here Reynolds breaks down the book into daily chunks, which allows him more time on each section and which less rushing to fit all the details in. The first book amused me and was a pleasant read, but this one entertained me far more.

Reynolds seems more comfortable and relaxed here, the writing flowing better and being funnier as a result. He’s a Wodehouse fan, and there’s a touch of Bertie Wooster to his narration, a casual, laid back style which engages.

He captures a sense of the beauty of his surroundings and the joys and challenges of the trail he follows. Reynolds captures that enthusiasm that people have for their hobbies, and his enjoyment and love of walking leaps off the page and is utterly charming. The first book inspired me to want to walk more, and this one had me daydreaming about taking proper walking holidays and expeditions myself.

Builds on the first and surpasses it. A wonderfully warm and enjoyable read.

Verdict: 8/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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