Fat Boy on a Diet: June 2019 Update: Back on Track

After the birthday indulgences, I was hoping that June would be a chance for me to get back on track. The Couch to 5k training, a few more sensible dietary choices and deciding to push for 175 miles on my Race at Your Pace challenge, I was hoping that this month would help.

I’m feeling healthier as a result of the running. I’m writing this on Saturday and hoping to finish the 6th week of the Couch to the 5k plan on Sunday morning. I’ve found the runs challenging but not impossible, and in week five ran for 20 minutes, which I wouldn’t have been able to get near when I began.

I’ve also started getting into walking more, enjoying being out in nature and trying to up my steps per day. I was aiming for 150 miles this month, but soon found I was going to pass this and upped the total.

All this exercise has made me feel better, mentally as well as physically and I thought I’d shed a bit of weight.

I haven’t weighed in every week, but have kept track by hopping on the scales now and then. At the start of the year I was hoping to hit about half a stone a month, and while I began well, it has slowed considerably, but I’m happy to report that I was just under that vague target.

We’re reaching the halfway point of the year, and overall, I’m rather happy with the progress I’ve made. Not just with the weight but in my outlook, actions and exercise. How much I weigh bothers me, but it’s not the sole thing that I need to change to feel happier and more comfortable with who I am. I’m working on it, but I’m becoming increasingly aware that I do better when I’m working to improve in more ways than just a number on a scale.

Over the summer I want to keep the running going, do the 5k and also keep walking, making better choices and trying to change my relationship with food to one which is healthier and more sensible.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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