Book Review: Just Off for a Walk by Stephen Reynolds

This is another one of my Kindle Unlimited books, and is a pretty decent read. It details Reynolds’ journey walking the full 630 miles of the South West Coast Path around Somerset, Cornwall, Devon and Dorset.

Reynolds began walking to help with his insomnia and as someone who has found that walks help with my mental and physical health I liked that our narrator isn’t ridiculously fit and just enjoys walking in a fairly leisurely way. He drinks in the views and the local ales and despite an overstuffed rucksack it seems the sort of trip I could manage, with a bit of practise.

Reynolds’ writing isn’t fantastic, and he acknowledges that he frequently uses some words and phrases, but it’s a gentle, agreeable read and he seems a decent bloke.

His love for nature and the enjoyment he gets is relatable and well expressed and it really got my feet itching. In fact, halfway through this I decided I wanted to do more walking and added walking the entire Welsh Coastal Path to my bucket list, albeit not all in one go.

It’s a nice, easy read that made me smile and was a pleasant way to pass the time.

Verdict: 6/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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