Fat Boy on a Diet: April 2019 Update: No Change

I kinda knew that April was going to be a tough month. Oddly, however, I got why it would be tricky wrong.

I’d imagined that the trip to Florida would be where I let myself down, that I’d over indulge on American treats and sweets, and this would set me back. In this dietary premonition the last two weeks of the month would be me trying to claw back some of the ground I’d lost stateside.

Bizarrely, however, I lost weight in America and put most of it back on when I got home. Crazy. The first weigh in after Florida turned out to be a pleasant surprise, as I’d lost 4lbs.

Now, was I a nutritional saint while away? No. To prove it, here I am with a giant doughnut.

us big pink

But I’d forgotten a couple of things from my first trip to Orlando. Firstly, due to the heat I didn’t actually feel like eating that much during the day. I’d grab some breakfast, maybe a small snack and then have an evening meal. So, I was probably eating less, even with the treats.

Secondly, you walk a lot in the Parks. Seriously, a lot. I’m keeping track of my miles for Race at Your Pace and every day we attended one of the Disney parks I absolutely crushed my target for the day. I’d kind of anticipated this and gone for a bigger target of 150 miles, which I absolutely smashed thanks to Disney and the Comic Relief walk.

march rayp

I’m starting to think they could advertise the Disney parks as a healthy trip given the amount of walking you do. And the best part, it doesn’t even feel like you’ve walked that far because you’re walking in Walt Disney World and everything around you is amazing.

Anyway, I got back and wasn’t sure how it had gone as I’d been ill towards the end of the holiday and moped on the sofa. It makes me wonder that if I’d stayed fit then I might have lost a bit more.

So, what went wrong back in Wales?


There’s this argument that a holiday refreshes and revitalises you for your working life. I used to buy into this theory, and carry a good feeling for the first week or so back at work. But this time, I didn’t feel refreshed. I just felt resentful that I wasn’t enjoying life in sunny Florida anymore. My shift schedule hasn’t been great and my job is awful.


So, how has this hit the diet?

Well, I slipped back into some bad habits, buying too many treats at work, using sugar and tastiness to cope with boredom and frustration. Throw into this a couple of days of  inactivity due to travelling back, and I’ve just not been doing well.

I’ve slipped into a bit of a funk and unfortunately, this just exacerbates my poor diet choices. After a shit shift the other day I chose to get a McDonalds, which I didn’t really need to eat as I was pretty much going straight to bed when I get home. But I decided that after a rubbish day I deserved something nice. Bloody stupid.

Thankfully, the slump appears to have been short term and I’ve had a few instances where I’ve avoided some temptations and opted for healthier options. However, those two weeks saw me regain much of what I’d lost and so as April closes I’m pretty much exactly where I was at the start of the month. Not great.

But a new month is about to begin and I’m starting afresh. I’ve got a few plans in motion which will help me get a bit more active, and I’m going to do my best to stick to the path and make better choices. I just need to find a way to give myself a pick-me-up after a crap shift that isn’t food.

Suggestions welcome.

Anyway, see you in a month to see how May goes.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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