Film Review: Avengers: Endgame (Spoiler Free)

This isn’t a traditional review. I won’t talk plot because to do so runs the risk of spoilers. And frankly, I’ve just come out and I’m still reeling.

This movie is everything Marvel fans could have asked for. From the first scene to the last it didn’t put a foot wrong. It takes time to include small, touching character beats among the massive, living comic book spectacle moments.

I laughed frequently. My heart filled with geeky joy. It moved me to tears. Not many films have rocked me so emotionally.

It is the culmination of all the MCU has built and it delivers even when I had high expectations. There are moments that fans have longed for, moments with characters we’ve had years to get attached to which hit me square in the feels.

The cast are all on fine form, but for me the standout is Robert Downey Jr. His Tony Stark is what the MCU was built on, and he has been central in many of the films. Here, he is the heart of the film and if there was any justice, he’d wind up with a cupboard full of awards. It’s a performance that hits all the right notes, and highlights just how perfect RDJ is in the role.

Props also to Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, who continue to do great work as Cap and Thor, respectively. The Avengers’ core trio are front and centre and get many of the films biggest and best moments.

The whole movie rocks. Seriously, I left the cinema absolutely buzzing.

I loved this movie. I can’t see anything moving this from my movie of the year.

Verdict: 10/10. And I don’t give many of them.

Any thoughts? You know what to do.

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