Fat Boy on a Diet: January 2019 Update: Good Start

I’m slightly wary of being too happy with how well January has gone, because there’s twelve months in a year and 2018 started strongly before I hit a wobble.

However, I am feeling pretty proud of myself. After the Christmas excess I got back on track quite quickly, while still being able to enjoy a couple of treats for WoM’s birthday at the start of the month. We went up to Saddleworth for it, and we managed to go on some pretty awesome walks around the beautiful countryside there.

The walking has helped a lot, and I’ve smashed my 125 mile Race at Your Pace target for the month, so two resolutions are going well so far. All the extra walking is really helping me feel better and more energised and I’ve got some stuff I’m thinking of doing later in the year which should help even more and give me a goal to work towards.

I’ve also been eating a bit better and while still having a few treats am resisting temptation a bit better, partly because I get a good feeling when my weigh ins show positive results.

I’m pretty chuffed that in one month I’ve managed to shift 10.5 lbs, and this means I’ve passed the 1.5 stone mark in total. Before Christmas I was charting it week by week, but I’ve decided to go back to a monthly loss/gain count instead.


At the start of the year I came up with a vague goal of wanting to lose around half a stone a month, which should add up to a substantial loss in 2019, and January shows that I can achieve that. Here’s to June going just as well.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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