Fat Boy on a Diet: November Update: November to Remember

After October proved to be a bit of a mixed bag in terms of my weight loss journey, I was hoping to go forward making a few small changes and resisting temptation better.

While I have had a few indulgences over the last five weeks, I have taken a few healthier choices and thanks to Race at Your Pace and the Children in Need Countryfile Ramble I’ve been pushing myself to get out of the house a bit more, and not spend so much time on the couch.

It’s worked well, and I’m on course for my 2nd Race at Your Pace medal and smashed my first goal in the Ramble (am now aiming for 250 miles by the end of the year, and still taking sponsorship here).

I was still keeping my 2 lbs a week goal in mind, and was a little disappointed when I kicked off the month by falling short again. I lost half a pound, which meant in four weeks I’d lost half a pound, having lost, regained and then lost again the same weight.

The first week of November saw me really going for the miles, and making some good food choices. I thought I’d had a decent week but was pleasantly surprised when I stepped onto the scales at Chub Club to discover I’d lost 4.5 lbs, which put me over the half stone mark since I joined up a few months back. It also meant that I was three pounds off hitting a full stone.

The next week I missed weigh in, and going back the following week I was hopeful I could pass the half stone mark. Unfortunately, I’d only shed a solitary pound, but I was happy that I was continuing in the right direction.

Last night was the final weigh in for the month, and I wasn’t that confident. I’ve had a stinking cold the last week, which has left me pretty knackered. Exercise has been slower on several days, and I did give in to temptation a couple of times, buying chocolate and going for desserts when I possibly could have resisted. However, WoM has started a new gym trial which comes with some nutrition advice, and this turned out to be a big help.

Stepping on the scales I was hoping for a small loss at best, but was pretty surprised when it turned out I’d dropped another three pounds and was now a stone lighter.

I’m extremely pleased with how this month has gone, and while I know December will see increased temptation (family meet up and birthdays, mince pies), I’m planning to stay strong and not indulge, with Christmas as a reward/binge at the finishing line. I doubt I’ll reach the 24 lbs loss that I set as a vague goal in September, but I’m already 10.5 pounds down, and I’d like to keep up a streak of continuous losses for a second month.

I’m still in a better place emotionally too, not as negative on my body or my self, and I think this is down to the fact that I know I’m actively trying to do better rather than just going through the motions. It also helps that I’m seeing results, and that the folks at Chub Club have been really great.

Here’s hoping this cold is finally on the way out and that the weather stays nice enough for me to get in regular walks. See you in a month!

  1. Nov 1st- Down 0.5 lbs
  2. Nov 8th- Down 4.5 lbs
  3. Nov 15th- No weigh in
  4. Nov 22nd- Down 1 lbs
  5. Nov 29th- Down 3 lbs

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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