Sponsor me?

Sorry to bother you, reader, but I’m taking part in Children in Need’s Countryfile Ramble and I just wanted to ask if you could sponsor me.


Children in Need is the BBC’s charity that raises money for, well, the name kinda explains it all. The charity does great work helping thousands of disadvantaged kids all over the country, and this year I’m trying to do my bit to help.

The challenge involves trying to get people to walk as much as they can so that combined it equals having covered the circumference of the UK. The target I’ve given myself is to walk 75 miles between the 29th of October and November 16th, which is the day of the Children in Need television event. At the time of writing, I’m doing pretty good and think I’ll reach it, so I may up my target if I get there early.

My original goal was £100 and I hit that yesterday, so my new target is to raise £150. If you want to help me hit that goal, and all those kids, you can sponsor me here, and the good news is that the minimum donation is £1, so you can help out for less than the cost of a coffee.

I don’t want to lie and appear like I’m just being selflessly altruistic, because there are definitely some things I get out of doing this:

  1. It helps me towards my Race at Your Pace target
  2. Helps me with my goal to get fit
  3. Helps chip away at my bucket list item to raise £1m for charity
  4. Makes me feel good, and you can get that charitable buzz too!

So, if you have a spare quid, please sponsor me.

Thanks, and I’ll update you as to how I do.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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