A Tale of Two Futures: 2518

This question courtesy of Pointless Overthinking:

How do you think humanity will be in 500 years?

Speculating about the future is a surefire way to make yourself look stupid to future generations. But I’ve made myself look stupid to the current one plenty of times, so why not add a future generation to the list?

Where will humanity be in 500 years? Jeez, that makes you think, doesn’t it? Personally, my visions of a potential future depend on how I’m feeling. I’m generally an optimistic kinda guy, but when faced with the utter s**tshow that arrives with the news some days I’m thinking the glass is half empty and filled with p**s that I’ve just drunk by mistake.

So, let’s go dystopian first.

Manking is burning through Earth’s natural resources and with medical resistant bugs, genetic engineering, climate change, insane leaders, rampant greed, intolerance, nightmarish poverty, cats and dogs living together, and overpopulation I’m going old school and imagining a massive war. World War With a Vengeance.

What’s left of humanity will scratch out a living in the ruins of our current world, all our progress will be forgotten. Small groups will band together for survival in an inhospitable world ravaged by disease, heat and war. Or the world could flood. Basically, it’s Mad Max or Waterworld. As a weak swimmer I’m going for Mad Max, although I may opt out of the leather fetish wear.


The upshot? Well, earth will have a chance to recover and with all the countries gone maybe there can be a new society developing and they can get it right.

Of course, it could be even worse and in 500 years humanity is totally gone and the world is in the hands of whatever species rises to the top. I’m gonna bet it won’t be pugs.

But what about the sunny forecast?

Well, it’s essentially Star Trek. Mankind sets it’s petty differences aside for a golden era of tolerance, acceptance and harmony. Together we band together to explore the universe allowing Earth to recover in our absence and set up new homes.

trek tos crew

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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