Would You Rather? Part 8: Pride, Power and Fearing St Patrick’s

…the general public think you are a horrible person but your family are proud of you or your family think you’re a horrible person but the public is very proud of you?

I’d find it a lot easier living with the public hating me than my family doing so. I deal with my loved ones more often and I think knowing that they were proud of me would mean a lot more to me than the feelings of complete strangers.

I mean, if you’re not invited to family events because they think you’re a bellend, it doesn’t really matter that the man in the street is proud of you.

….everything you eat is too salty or not salty enough regardless of how much salt you add?

Not salty enough. I’m not a fan of really salty things, and surely that would be annoying anyway?

…have political power but be relatively poor or ridiculously wealthy with no political power?

This is a tough one. While power would be pretty cool, and you wouldn’t need much cash if you were top of the pile, I can definitely see the perks of wealth without power. First of all, you’d be minted, but more importantly you wouldn’t feel shackled by responsibility or anything.

Yup, so definitely cash without power for me.

…compelled to high five everyone you meet or compelled to wedgy everyone you meet who’s wearing a green shirt?

High five everyone. You’d look like a weirdo, but at least not a mean one. And I wouldn’t want to get my head kicked on because I had to wedgie the entire Irish rugby team.


…talk to land animals, animals that fly or animals that live underwater?

Land animals. You encounter them more and it’d be quite cool to have a chat with elephants and stuff. I can’t imagine whales are that interesting, and birds are probably too flighty. BOOM BOOM!

…have a bottomless box of Lego or a bottomless tank of gas?

At the moment I don’t drive, so Lego. But when I learn to drive, obviously petrol.

…everyone have to wear identical silver jump suits or if two people wear the same thing they have to fight to the death?

I like the retro futuristic vibe of the jump suits and it seems a lot fairer than making people die for matching.


Any thoughts? You know what to do.

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