2017 Resolutions

That time of year again.

1. Lose Weight

This was a resolution last year and started well but fell off in the second half of the year. Hopefully, with MWF and I now having our own place this will be easier to stick to now.

Also going into 2017 I have more drive to lose weight as there will be wedding and honeymoon photos which I’d like to be able to look at without hating how I look.

I’ve also decided that as part of this I’m going to blog about it more often even when things aren’t going well. Sharing it online will hopefully motivate me to do well, so if I go a few weeks without writing about it feel free to remind me in the comments.
2. Be Nicer

I could stand to be kinder and more patient, and make more of an effort with people.

3. Stop Just Daydreaming and Actually Follow Through on Stuff

From the bucket list to my writing, I’ve always got half baked plans I’m my head but I need to knuckle down and work to achieve them. Thankfully I already have 1 and 1/7 bucket list items planned, butI want to do more.

I need to actually try and not just spend ages fantasising.

4. Broaden My Reading

This year I read a lot of zombie, superhero and Ed McBain books and while I enjoyed them and will read more, I feel I should try and add a bit of variety.

5. Remember the Good Stuff

Going to make sure I take time to appreciate the good stuff and might even keep a list.

Only five this year, but hopefully ones I can achieve. Keep reading to find out how I do.

Anyway, if you have any words of encouragement or resolutions of your own let me know in the comments. Happy New Year! BETEO.

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