10 Video Games I’ve Loved Part 1

I’ve recently been watching Dara O’Briain’s Go 8 Bit on Dave, where comedians come in and play computer games. It’s been a real nostalgia kick as they’ve played games I used to love like Sensible Soccer, Snake and Tekken 2. 

Inspired by this I thought I’d write about games I loved over the years, and am doing them chronologically. Let’s crack on.

1. Tetris

In the early ’90s my big sister and I saved up and pooled our money to buy a first generation Gameboy, which was roughly the size and weight of a brick.

Despite it being coveted by four children there was an odd Gameboy truce where we shared it fairly, possibly due to the fear that Mum would confiscate it.

We only had two games- Super Mario Land and Tetris. 

Of the two the more basic Tetris was my favourite and massively addictive. Deceptively simple it ate up hours of my life and I can remember playing it for so long that as I laid myself down to sleep I would still see the falling shapes before my eyes.

It didn’t save your scores, so you were only ever in competition with yourself unless you passed it back and forth. It is also the first game where I experienced the “rage quit” and would throw the Gameboy down in disgust, leaving craters all over the house.

2. Sonic 2

I never had a Sega MegaDrive, and jealously eyed my mate Dai’s. He had several games, but the major one for us was this the second outing of a blue hedgehog. As Dai owned the console I had to play as Sonic’s sidekick Tails. Which kinda sucked, but still it was fun and the music still echoes somewhere in my brain.

3. GoldenEye

Split screen.

It was all about the split screen. The missions were fun, but the multiplayer was where it was at. My friend Geraint owned a N64 and was a lot better than me on this, so the infrequent occasions where the red came down his half were moments to savour.

One thing I loved was that the film had a host of classic Bond characters to choose from.

4. Snake/Snake 2

Talking about old phones with younger people will make you feel old. The advances have been so quick that something from less than 20 years ago seems like an antiquated relic.

For example, my old Nokia 3310, which I loved and used for years despite dropping it out of a first floor window, putting it through the wash and countless drunken nights out. Robust nature aside, the best thing about the phone was this game.

It basically involved guiding a blocky line (or slightly better rendered snake in the sequel) around eating things, which made it grow longer, and seeing how long you could last before hitting yourself or the sides.

It’s simplicity made it an addictive pleasure and a great way to kill time. You’d compare high scores, and obsess over beating your own.

 I once left my phone with my friend Dan and returned to find he’d set a ridiculously high score. After a frustrating week of falling short I finally accepted defeat and reset the game, wiping the slate clean.

I recently found it on the Play Store (named Snake ’97) and it turns my phone into an old Nokia and the obsession is back.

It’s already become my go to app for when I’m bored.

5. Halo series

At university two of my flatmates had consoles, and my buddy Ralph had an Xbox and graciously allowed me to spend hours in his room making Master Chief run into walls and crash Warthogs (driving games have never been my forte). I played this so much that once after a marathon session I walked to the shop and realised I still had the target dot in my vision.

Despite my lack of skill (on my watch MC died more times than Jean Grey) I absolutely loved the game, and despite favouring more straight forward games, I quite liked playing one that had a plot and after the first went on to the second.

I got majority obsessed so much so that for a project Ralph made a short film about me playing the game and flying into a rage when someone accidentally turned off the console. Easiest acting I ever had to do.

I’d graduated when Halo 3 came out, but still managed to complete it in two player mode, although my then girlfriend wasn’t happy that after going to visit her I disappeared to kill aliens.

I really need to check out what happened after 3.

Any thoughts?  You know what to do. BETEO.


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