Book Review: As They Slept Part 3 by Andy Leeks

This is the third part in Leeks’ series of writings completed on his daily commute following a Facebook argument over the fact that those who sleep on their journey to work are wasting time.

Like previous installments this means that this is a series of quick, short entries which provide a combination of observation, anecdote and rants. Your enjoyment depends on how much you agree with Leeks. Personally while he writes with some humour in places he’s often a bit too old fashioned and curmudgeonly for my liking. 

Does it really matter if someone else uses Angry Birds to help pass the time? 

What’s weird is that halfway through there’s a piece where Leeks talks about how is wife gets fed up with his optimism. This doesn’t fit with the grumbling that has come before,  although it could be that his optimism takes a while to get going in the mornings.

There are bits that made me smile and a few good observations, but for much of the book it seems like Leeks is a bit of a joyless grump.

A section near the end about his daughter getting pneumonia while on holiday livens things up and shows a softer side. 

Leeks has skill as a writer but is too prone to grumbling, and lacks the wit to make his moaning properly funny. 

Verdict: Not without charms but at times Leeks irritates with his complaints and petty peeves. The idea is solid and fair play to him for writing every day, but too often he misses the mark. 5/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO. 

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